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Winstructor Windows Vista

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Winstructor Windows Vista
Winstructor Windows Vista 英文教學正式版(Winstructor出品的Vista教程)



包括70-620 Exam
Windows Vista的安裝與升級
Windows Defender
Windows Vista的維護與優化
Windows Vista側邊欄
Windows Vista移動計算

This Video Package also includes all of the videos from our 70-620 Exam package
and more!

Windows Vista is more secure, offers new features, a great new interface and
introduces a smarter way of working. In this comprehensive series of videos,
you'll master Windows Vista fast!

Installing and Upgrading Windows Vista
Duration: 29:40
In this video you'll learn how to install Windows Vista on a new computer, as
well as how to upgrade a Windows XP machine to Windows Vista. Finally we'll
cover how to install Windows Vista in a Dual Boot scenario so you can use both
Windows XP and Vista and look at how to configure the Boot Loader using the
bcdedit command in Windows Vista.

The Vista Interface
Duration: 45:18
Aero is the biggest visual change to Windows. In this video we'll show you the
Aero Interface and demonstrate the new features of Windows Vista, including the
changes made to Windows Explorer and the new Search features.

Windows Defender
Duration: 17:20
In this video you'll learn about Windows Defender, Microsoft's anti-spyware
software that comes included with Windows Vista.

Windows Firewall
Duration: 45:01
In this video you'll see just how easy it is to configure the Windows Firewall
to secure your Vista Computer. We also cover the Advanced Firewall interface
where you'll learn how to create your own Inbound and Outbound and Connection
Security Rules.

Users and Groups
Duration: 39:55
Since every user on Vista needs a user account, in this video we cover how to
create, delete and modify user accounts and groups. You'll also learn how to do
this from the command prompt and how to create and use a password reset disk to
reset your password in case you forget it. In addition, we'll show you how to
change the local security policies to force users to use strong passwords.

Maintaining and Optimizing Windows Vista
Duration: 34:40
In this video you'll learn about the new Performance and Reliability Monitor as
well as new technologies like Windows ReadyBoost and other tips to ensure that
Vista runs at its very best.

Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance
Duration: 40:03
Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance are 2 great tools provided in Windows
Vista that allow you to connect to other computers in order to manage them. In
this video you'll find out how you can use these remote tools.

Sharing and Permissions
Duration: 1:05:56
In this video we'll cover creating File and Folder Shares from both the GUI and
the command line as well as an in depth discussion of File and Folder
Permissions. You'll also learn about Auditing, Taking Ownership and Effective

Windows Event Log
Duration: 40:38
So much has changed in the new Vista Event Viewer that it deserves its own
video. So in this video we'll show you what has changed, why its better than
ever before and how you can use the new features to help you manage and
troubleshoot your local system and remote systems.

Windows Vista Sidebar
Duration: 22:05
In this video you'll learn how the Windows Vista Sidebar works and how to add,
configure and delete Gadgets. Then we'll show you how to create your own
Gadgets, configure custom settings and how to create a Flyout window for your

Windows Vista Mobile Computing
Duration: 35:04
Microsoft recognize that notebooks are more popular than ever and in Vista,
they have introduced new features to help you maximize the performance of your
notebook. In this video you'll learn all about these new features including the
Mobility Center and Offline Files.

Configuring Windows Vista Networking
Duration: 38:12
Vista supports a lot of networking technologies, such as Wireless networking,
VPN's, Dial-Up and good old Ethernet. In this video we'll show you how to
configure Vista to connect to these types of Networks.

Parental Controls
Duration: 23:15
In this video we'll look at the Parental Controls feature in Windows Vista.
This great new addition to Windows Vista will have most parents happy at the
additional protection they can provide their child when they use the computer.
Best of all, this fantastic new feature is extremely powerful, reliable and
easy to use.

User Account Control
Duration: 14:41
Windows Vista is more secure thanks to a new feature called User Account
Control. In this video we discuss what User Account Control is and how to
configure it.

Configuring Windows Vista Applications
Duration: 37:07
Windows Contacts, Windows Mail, Windows Calender and Windows Meeting Space are
included in Windows Vista to help you be productive. In this video we'll show
you how to use and configure these applications.

Backup and Restores
Duration: 36:17
In this video we'll show you how to use Windows Backup to backup and restore
files from your Vista Computer. We'll also show you how to create a backup
image which you can use to restore your computer to another computer in the
event of a complete disaster. Finally we'll show you how to use the System
Restore Feature and Shadow Copies so you are truely covered if disaster

Internet Explorer 7
Duration: 44:36
In this video we'll look at the latest version of Internet Explorer, version 7.
We cover the new Tabbed Browsing, RSS, Security features, Parental Controls and

Duration: 37:27
In this video we'll show you how to configure Printers on Windows Vista and
you'll learn about the new Microsoft XPS Document Format.

Windows Live OneCare
Duration: 28:36
As part of Microsoft's security vision, they have released Windows Live OneCare
- a suite of products designed to replace and improve on the already great
features of Vista. This package includes AntiVirus, a Firewall, an improved
Backup Program, Windows Defender and a PC tuning application. We'll show you
how to get Windows Live OneCare and how to install and configure it.

Remote Differential Compression
Duration: 7:16
Remote Differential Compression is a relatively new technology first introduced
in Windows Server 2003 R2 and is now available in Windows Vista. In this video
we'll explain what it is and how it affects you.
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